• University of Michigan Hospitals & Health Centers Guide on How to Quit Using Tobacco (Arabic)

    • 29 Jun 2016
    • Guide (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • Health Harms (TOPIC)
    • Eastern Mediterranean (REGION)

    Developed by the University of Michigan MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service.

  • Quitline manager training in China

    • 08 Sep 2015
    • Report (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • Nicotine Addiction (TOPIC)
    • Southeast Asia (REGION)

    An overview of quitline manager training in China.

  • Canadian Centre For Addictions

    • 21 Aug 2014
    • Brochure (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • Nicotine Addiction (TOPIC)
    • US + Canada (REGION)

    The Canadian Centre For Addictions is an all-inclusive drug rehab program in Toronto for people suffering from alcohol and substance abuse issues. We provide a highly individualized, holistic approach to treatment where social, psychological, physical and spiritual needs are assessed and reviewed throughout the treatment process.