• University of Michigan Hospitals & Health Centers Guide on How to Quit Using Tobacco (Arabic)

    • 29 Jun 2016
    • Guide (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • Health Harms (TOPIC)
    • Eastern Mediterranean (REGION)

    Developed by the University of Michigan MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service.

  • WCTOH 2015 Presentation: The JPA Team & ‘How to Blog’

    • 31 Mar 2015
    • Guide (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • Advocacy (TOPIC)

    An introduction to JPA and its role in the Global Bridges project. This presentation includes an overview of “How to Blog.”

  • The Tobacco Portal

    • 26 Sep 2012
    • Guide (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
    • About Tobacco Control (TOPIC)

    The Tobacco Portal, created by researchers at Georgia State University’s Institute of Public Health, is a resource center providing links to tobacco related data, reports, scientific information and publications. Find publicly available tobacco information into one location and categorizes resources that are useful for researchers and tobacco control experts.