• Website of tobacco cessation resources

    • 25 Dec 2014
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    This website was developed for Project Quit Tobacco International, a 12 year NIH-funded tobacco cessation project which built capacity for cessation in India and Indonesia. The web site contains 15 educational modules for medical students, 14 videos modeling doctor patient communication skills for specific illnesses, a communications video for training practitioners to counsel patients; and detailed information on developing smoke free homes in communities. Materials are available in English, Bahasa, Malayalam and Kannada. There is also a link to QTI publications and many other resources for tobacco cessation.

  • Revista: Prevención del Tabaquismo

    • 20 Jun 2012
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    PREVENCIÓN DEL TABAQUISMO es la única revista de habla hispana que trata en forma monográfica en todos los aspectos relacionados con el control del tabaquismo.

  • Smoking cessation for pregnancy and beyond: A virtual clinic

    • 27 Apr 2012
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    Dartmouth College, in collaboration with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has released an updated interactive web-based program, “Smoking Cessation for Pregnancy and Beyond: A Virtual Clinic.”