Webinar: Nurses: A force for change- a vital resource for health

  • 16 May 2014
  • Webinar (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
  • Advocacy (TOPIC)

A panel discussion in honor of International Nurses Day to discuss the important role of nurses in tobacco dependence treatment.

Nurse Panelists: Grace Wong, Director of Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa, New Zealand;
Antoinette Barton-Gooden, Nurse Educator at UWI School of Nursing, Jamaica; Linda Sarna, Researcher at UCLA School of Nursing and Principal Investigator for the Tobacco Free Nurses Initiative, United States. This panel was moderated by Emma Croghan, a Registered General, Sick Children’s and Specialist Public Health Nurse in the UK as well as the Co-Regional Director for Global Bridges Europe.

Listen to the audio recording.

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