Tobacco control resources and wins in Pakistan

  • 26 Jun 2017
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The following tobacco control successes and resources were shared by Global Bridges network member Qamar Iqbal Goraya, District Coordinator for the Tobacco Control Cell in the Ministry of National Health Services for the Government of Pakistan.  

I have been working as a district coordinator for tobacco control in Pakistan since 2010, my achievements (pictures are in links) are as under:

  • District implementation meetings for tobacco control
  • Successful Walks on No Smoking Days coverage in electronic and print media.
  • “No smoking messages” ads in National and Local newspapers.
  •  To observe 31 May as a “No Smoking Day”
  • DIC meetings effective decisions.
  • “No Smoking messages” on office use files, order by DCO.
  • Three Flex boards 15ft by 10ft displayed on prominent public places.
  • Smoke free colleges.
  • Smoke free public offices.
  • Smoke free public places.
  • Short booklet for students and general public.
  • Media involvement to highlighting the violation of laws.
  • Letters to all Health Care Facilities to implement Tobacco control Laws.
  • EDO-H press conference on implementation on tobacco control Laws,  Coverage in electronic and print media.
  • EDO-H address on Hazards of tobacco at Government College, coverage print media.
  • “No Smoking messages” on office use files, order by EDO-H. And DOH.
  • Flex Boards carrying tobacco control messages to all BHU and UC,  5ft by2.50ft
  • CPO order to crack down against sheesha Bars.
  • Columns written by DSP Legal on Tobacco control Laws.
  • “No Smoking messages” on office use files, order by CPO
  • Walk with High School Students on No Smoking Days coverage in electronic and print media.
  • Smoke Free college boundaries, letters issued by Principals.
  • Displayed Sign Boards in 17 Institutions.
  • Messages” on office use files, order by EDO and AD Colleges.
  • Columns written by DSP Traffic Police on Tobacco control Laws
  • Tobacco Products “No Sale to under 18” brochure has include in official Rate Lists.
  • Columns in National and Local newspapers, Coverage and Highlights through public survey.
  • Electronic and Print Media District Gujranwala last month, in response the Express reporter Mr. Shhazad highlight the violation of Section (5) in the premises of Session Court in notice to District and Session Judge. He ordered the Police to implement Law in the Court premises and arrest the violators..
  • Print Media to aware the people highlighting the hazards of smoking through pictures and printing columns in National and Local newspapers.

Gujranwala Tobacco Control presentation:

Booklet on hazards of smoking/ tobacco products use for students and general public:

World No Tobacco Day activities:

Photos from the removal of tobacco promotion posters: