Literature Review: REFRESH Findings

  • 08 Aug 2012
  • Secondhand Smoke (TOPIC)
  • Europe (REGION)

A REFRESH literature review of three papers published in 2012 on smoke-free homes and protecting children:

  1. REFRESH-reducing families’ exposure to secondhand smoke in the home: a feasibility study – An examination of how providing mothers who smoke with personalised measurements of indoor air quality in their homes appears to have a positive effect on reducing their children’s exposure to second-hand smoke.
  2. ‘I’m not doing this for me’: mothers’ accounts of creating smoke-free homes – An exploration of the views of mothers who participated in the REFRESH intervention in Scotland.
  3. Factors Influencing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Preschool Children Living With Smoking Mothers – An examination of baseline salivary cotinine and PM2.5 data from the homes of participants who took part in the REFRESH study.