Intensive Tobacco Intervention with Persons Challenged by Mental Illness: Manual for Nurses

  • 22 Feb 2013
  • Training Material (TYPE OF RESOURCE)
  • Tobacco Dependence Treatment (TOPIC)

This is a tobacco dependence intervention manual written by nurses for nurses. It complements the 2009 update of Smoking Cessation for Persons with Mental Illnesses: A Toolkit for Mental Health Providers (Morris, Waxmonsky, May, Giese, & Martin, 2009) in which the epidemiology, special challenges, and specific evidence-based interventions needed to help those with mental illnesses to stop smoking are well describedNurses have a long history of promoting health in the patients entrusted to our care. Equipped with a rich education grounded in biopsychosocial and spiritual approaches to care delivery, including a focus on helping patients improve health and prevent illness, nurses are especially well positioned to address tobacco dependence with their patients who smoke.

Find the manual here.