King Hussein Cancer Center hosts internationally accredited tobacco dependence treatment-training workshop

From 18-22 March, the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) held a training workshop on tobacco dependence treatment (TDT). This workshop comes under KHCC’s program, which is the only program outside the USA that is internationally accredited by the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP) to offer Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) certification.

This five-day course focused on building the capacity and competence of participants to offer effective TDT by utilizing a combination of learning techniques, including practical exercises and case studies.

Dr. Feras Hawari, Director of the Cancer Control Office, said that the program is comprehensive, evidence-informed, and is delivered by experienced hands-on tobacco treatment specialists from the Cancer Control Office. By the end of the course, participants are able to:

  • Recognize the constituents of tobacco products and their effect on the body;
  • Understand tobacco dependence and the relevant psychological and social factors; and
  • Identify the gains of quitting on the short and long term and the evidence behind proven treatment interventions.

In addition, trainees become capable of implementing skills relevant to conducting the initial assessment, performing counseling, prescribing medications, and developing a customized treatment plan.

The program has received widespread interest from neighboring countries. Participants came from Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar and Oman. The medical specialties of the participants included cardiologists, pulmonologists, family physicians, dentists, and nurses who work in health centers and hospitals and have experience ranging from 3 to 25 years in their medical specialties. The Cancer Control Office team congratulates the participants for obtaining this accredited certificate from CTTTP.

We would like to share some of their testimonies:
“I have previously taken training for Tobacco Dependence Treatment in France; it is comparable to what was given in France.”

“I was surprised that King Hussein Cancer Center is the only center outside the United States that gives this certificate.”

“The motivational part of this training was very useful as it addressed the Arab society (doctor, patient and family surrounding the patient.)”

“As many of Health Care professionals, I thought that the Idea of Tobacco Dependence Treatment training would be very simple, just give the medications, not more! When I took this training, I found Tobacco Dependence Treatment is beyond prescribing medications! It is a mix of pharmacological and behavioral therapies.”

“I am proud to have this professional course in our Arabic region, which is the first training to be accredited from CTTTP outside USA.”