Global Bridges announces 16 new projects in partnership with Japan Cancer Society

Global Bridges, Japan Cancer Society and Pfizer Global Medical Grants are pleased to announce $2 million in grant funding for 16 new projects focused on building capacity for tobacco dependence treatment in Japan.

Japan has been a party to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control since 2004, but tobacco use remains relatively high, especially among men, pregnant women, and those with low incomes. As Japan prepares to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Para-Olympics in Tokyo, interest in tobacco control has escalated as the Health Ministry has called for smoke-free regulations in public places. The new partnership between Global Bridges and Japan Cancer Society represents a firm, mutual commitment to exploring effective, evidence-based measures to integrate treatment into healthcare practice and help more people lead tobacco-free lives.

The grantees represent a group of health- and science-focused entities. Through their projects, these organizations will work with a variety of healthcare providers, including nurses, pharmacists, obstetricians, dentists and general practitioners to improve the lives of a diverse patient population. Their combined efforts form the foundation for a dedicated, growing network focused on tobacco dependence treatment and advocacy in Japan.

Grantee organizations are listed below with their projects, which will begin in Spring 2018 and continue into 2020.

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences Role of local pharmacy and pharmacists in decreasing tobacco dependency
National Cancer Center Japan Development and practice of training programs for nursing staff offering and/or supporting smoking cessation therapy
Japan Medical-Dental Association for Tobacco Control Dissemination of an e-learning program for training health professionals in smoking cessation (J-STOP)
WebMD UK LLC Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Japan: Challenges in special populations.
Pharmacists committee of Japan Society for Tobacco Control The program to train pharmacists who can support smoking cessation to expand passive smoking prevention
Japan Society for Tobacco Control Building Capacity for Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Japan
Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing Building capacity of Japan Oncology Nurses to be Tobacco Control Champions
Hokkaido Chitose College of Rehabilitation Developing a smoking cessation training program for parents and obstetricians in Hokkaido
Shiga University of Medical Science Development of a Pragmatic Approach for Smoking Cessation on Admission – for Every Inpatient at Every Hospital
Fukuoka Dental College Integrating the WHO brief tobacco intervention into the dental care program in Japan
National Institute of Public Health Training and educational programs for professionals to encourage patients to quit smoking
The Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan Anti-tuberculosis Association Expanding and evaluating a cessation support program for tuberculosis patients by nurses.
The Japanese Society of Hypertension StOp smoking! For prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular disease by Team medical care Project -SOFT Project-
Japan Health Care Dental Association Capacity Development: Dental Hygienists as Supporters and Collaborators of Smoking Cessation
Japan Lung Cancer Alliance “Don’t smoke near me! Don’t be like me!”- Giving lung cancer patients the role of healthcare provider in tobacco dependence treatment.
Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University Development of a network for training health care professionals in smoking cessation in medical check-ups in Kumamoto