Why Article 14: Network members share their dedication to tobacco dependence treatment

Global Bridges aims to highlight worldwide tobacco dependence treatment contributions and encourage others to take treatment seriously in policy and practice. During the past few months, we’ve connected with grantees and network members to request their response to one simple question: Why do you support Article 14 implementation?

In this series, we’ll post responses from individuals around the world who took the time to share their unique stories. (Click on each image to view them in a larger size.) Help us raise the profile of Article 14 implementation by sharing your own story about the work you do to support tobacco dependence treatment via this simple form:

Why Article 14

João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Executive Director, Clima Clinic, Brazil:

Amanda Holm, Project Manager, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI:  

Nino Maglakelidze, Tobacco Control Expert, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health: