Fruitful project: 250 Latin American clinicians enroll in online smoking cessation training course

A total of 250 clinicians (mainly doctors and nurses) have enrolled in the online course “Brief intervention for smoking cessation” from three pioneering hospitals in Latin America: the Oncology Institute of Eastern Bolivia, the Cancer Institute and Hospital Dr. Bernardo del Valle in Guatemala, and the National Institute of Respiratory and Environmental Diseases (INERAM) in Paraguay through their participation in the “Fruitful” project.

The “Fruitful” project aims to adapt an online smoking cessation course, originally designed in Catalan and Spanish by the Catalan Institute of Oncology for its use in Catalonia and Spain, for its implementation and evaluation in the three participating hospitals. This six-hour online course enables clinicians to diagnose the smoker (identifying the nicotine dependence, type of smoker, etc.) and trains in the existing psychoeducational and pharmacologic interventions to support smokers to quit. Once the effectiveness of this educational model is proven, the course will be spread among other institutions from the three participating countries.

Training health professionals from low and middle income countries in Latin America is essential, because one third of the population smokes and the rates are rapidly increasing in this region. Smoking cessation programs are one of the effective policies recommended by the WHO MPOWER strategy, and it is vital to actively involve health professionals in tackling this epidemic.


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