Smoke Free Zone Certificate Gaining Traction in Jordan

As part of the fight against tobacco in Jordan and for the second year, King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center continued with the smoke free zone certificate program and awarded qualified organizations in an event under the patronage of HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. This initiative was launched with support from the Global Smoke-free Worksite Challenge.

Global Smoke-Free-Zone Certification Program

More and more interest from the public and civil society in enforcing banning of smoking indoors is growing. In comparison to the year 2014 where only 40 organizations have applied and only 30 got qualified for the certificate, this year 2015 the number of applicants rose to 144, and 88 got qualified – including 43 schools. This reflects sustainable efforts and collaborations with the ministry of education across the kingdom, as well as belief in the importance of protection from exposure to secondhand smoke among employers of all types.

It was shown that a wide number of applicants applied creative methods for creating anti-smoking awareness within their organizations from using posters and brochures to providing lectures and support to quit smoking. Some organizations went even further and added to the criteria of employment to be a non-smoker. Also, many schools used different methods in spreading awareness and some engaged parents and the local society.HRH Ghida Talal presents certificate

In parallel to enforcing bans, this initiative seeks to educate organizations and the public about smoke-free policies, their benefits, and best practices in that field.

By this, empowerment of those who got the certificate is key and their role in attracting others to apply is important in growing the movement towards enforcing smoking bans and adopting a smoke-free culture as a social responsibility in order to protect public health and reduce tobacco use by youth.

King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center have just announced the third round of the program for the year 2016 and certificates will be issued on the World No Tobacco Day.