Physicians as change agents for tobacco cessation


Nearly 100 physicians in the West African country of Nigeria successfully completed training aimed at giving them tools to help enhance and prioritize tobacco cessation in clinical practice. Training sessions were held in three geographically distributed hospitals in the country.

The training focused on the epidemiology of tobacco control, the basics of nicotine addiction and pharmacotherapy, the 5A’s and AAR (ask-advise-refer) approach to tobacco cessation and motivational interviewing.

Ninety-one percent of participants said that the training workshop either met or exceeded their expectations, while 94.9 percent rated the training as either excellent or very good.

“The content of the training was quite robust and I will find it very useful in my practice, the facilitators were extremely skillful in delivery.”
– Dr. Jemima Olusile (Resident doctor in Psychiatry)

“The depth of teaching and teaching methods used were enthralling, it was thorough and well-planned.”
– Dr. Ugonna Igwilo (Resident doctor in Community Medicine)

“What seemed hidden from both physicians and patients, and what tobacco companies claim has been unveiled by this stimulating course.”
– Dr. Jacob Sokwo (Resident doctor in Surgery)

29Sept2015-blog2-photo2The workshops are part of a Pfizer IGLC/Global Bridges grant-funded project that seeks to identify, train and motivate physicians as change agents for tobacco cessation in Nigerian clinical practices. The lead researcher for the project is Dr. Oluwakemi Odukoya, a public health physician and senior lecturer at the University of Lagos College of Medicine.

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