Update on Smoking Cessation Project in Bolivia

In March 2015, during the World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Global Bridges sat down with Pamela Cortez, from the InterAmerican Heart Foundation. Cortez is the coordinator of  “Strengthening healthcare capacity for Article 14 by developing a strategic approach to analyzing need and planning a strategy,” a project funded by Pfizer IGLC through Global Bridges. Below is a transcript of the interview. To watch the interview in Spanish, click here.

GZ – Gustavo Zabert (Interviewer)
PC – Pamela Cortez (Interviewee)

GZ – Pamela, can you tell us something about your Global Bridges project?

PC – The project started in October of last year, a project on tobacco cessation in Bolivia and we started with the first part which was a situational analysis on a national level.  We used a tool developed by Martin Raw to survey strategic individuals to develop a complete panorama of the tobacco situation in my country.  The surveys were carried out at the governmental level, first and second level medical personnel, third level medical personnel also, and administrators at public and private universities.

GZ – Thank you Pamela.  What barriers or difficulties have you encountered in tobacco?

PC – Things are going well but during this time there have been changes in the government and principal authorities have changed and we had to temporarily stop our activities for a couple of months.  For the last month activities have been on hold.

GZ – Very good.  What have you learned up to now based on the project?

PC – There have been pros and cons.  The pros have been that we have a large number of volunteers who want to help us and get involved in the subject, who are very interested in tobacco cessation which is not widely known there and many people want to participate.  Those are the pros.

Periodically we provide updates on 19 grants awarded through a partnership between Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGLC) and Global Bridges. These updates are designed to inform the Global Bridges community about the progress of each project, as well as the successes and challenges each grantee encounters. It is our hope that these updates will help other members of the Global Bridges community with the work they are doing in treatment.