More resources available to help support Article 14

A set of tools to help implement Article 14 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is now available on Article 14 specifically addresses tobacco cessation and treatment strategies.

The tools — designed to keep costs down and identify affordable interventions — include templates, an affordability calculator, guidance on how to develop national treatment guidelines and a tool to analyze tobacco cessation support by country.

Our July Global Bridges grantee call featured presentations on the availability, effectiveness and affordability of tobacco dependence treatment. One of the presentations, by Dr. Martin Raw of the Universities of Nottingham, UK and Sao Paulo, Brazil, highlighted these new tools. See and hear the presentation.

Additionally, a new article accepted for publication in the journal Addiction from Dr. Raw and others reviews the efficacy, effectiveness and affordability of health interventions to promote and assist tobacco cessation. The review offers helpful information for developing national guidelines.[1]

The review found that brief advice from healthcare workers, telephone helplines, automated text messaging, printed self-help materials, and medications such as cytisine and nortriptyline are globally affordable healthcare interventions to promote and assist smoking cessation. The review also found that evidence on smokeless tobacco cessation suggests that face-to-face behavioral support and varenicline can promote cessation.

Robert West, Martin Raw, Ann McNeill, Lindsay Stead, Paul Aveyard, John Britton, John Stapleton, Hayden McRobbie, Subhash Pokhrel, Adam Lester-George, Ron Borland. Addiction 2015.

  1. Healthcare interventions to promote and assist tobacco cessation: a review of efficacy, effectiveness and affordability for use in national guideline development.