Building Capacity for Tobacco Cessation in Turkey

Mimi Nichter is a medical anthropologist at the University of Arizona. Nichter and Dr. Asli Carkoglu, an associate professor of psychology at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, Turkey, are the recipients of one of 19 grants awarded through a partnership between Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGLC) and Global Bridges.

We began our project entitled “Building Capacity for Illness-Specific Tobacco Cessation among Nurses and Clinical Psychologists in Turkey” in December 2014. We are presently conducting interviews with smokers, successful quitters, and nurses and doctors who have been involved with cessation in Turkey.

We are also developing curricula on the harm of tobacco and the need for cessation which will be taught to nurses and clinical psychologists working in the areas of CVD, respiratory illness, women’s health, pediatrics, diabetes and mental health. Our team members are also preparing educational materials for use in clinical settings and for laypersons. Our first workshop on tobacco cessation for nurses and psychologists will be held in early July in Istanbul.

Dr. Asli Carkoglu, the Turkish PI and Dr. Mimi Nichter from the U.S. recently attended and presented at the 1st International Tobacco Control Research Workshop in Ankara, Turkey, March 24-26. There was a great deal of interest in this Global Bridges project.

Nichter is also the author of a new book, Lighting Up: The Rise of Social Smoking on College Campuses, the result of her recent research into social smoking among young adults in the United States.

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