Reflections on a TDT Seminar in Slovakia

The Slovak Medical Association, the Slovak Pneumological Association and the Czech Society for Treatment of Tobacco Dependence, recently held a Global Bridges seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Tobacco Dependence Treatment seminar was the first of its kind in Slovakia.


Eva Kralikova, Prof. Peter Kristufek, head of the Slovak Medical Association, and Assoc. Prof. Ivan Majer, head of the Slovak Pneumological Association


The nearly 60 participants included doctors, nurses and psychologists. Each participant received a copy of the book “Tobacco Dependence: Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment” (Kralikova, E. et al., Adamira, Breclav, 2013, 500 pp), written by 85 authors in Czech, covering main clinical branches of medicine. Participants also received copies of slideshow presentations and some relevant papers in Czech (a language very similar to Slovakian; we understand each other very well).

Presentations were done by the physicians from the Centre for Tobacco-Dependent Patients in Prague, Czech Republic: Eva Kralikova, Alexandra Kmetova and Kamila Zvolska. The seminar was opened by the head of the Slovak Medical Association professor Peter Kristufek, and assoc. professor Ivan Majer, head of the Slovak Pneumological Association, and Eva Kralikova introduced the Global Bridges project.

Presentations then included typical topics like epidemiology of tobacco use, prevention, harm reduction, passive smoking, principle of tobacco dependence, diagnostics, psychobehavioral intervention, motivation interview, pharmacotherapy, specific populations (pregnant, children/adolescents, mentally ill), weight gain  prevention, brief intervention in the clinical practice, international experiences including experiences from the visit of the Mayo Nicotine Dependence Centre, tobacco control  legislation, the International Project of Smoke-Free Hospitals, projects for nurses in collaboration with the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care, and some other topics including discussion and examples of typical patients’ questions and case studies.


Conference Participants


In frame of the seminar evaluation (we got 35 evaluation forms back), participants were mostly very satisfied (32, 94 %), three were mostly satisfied and 19 are planning to conduct further seminars for their colleagues. The Slovak Medical Association rewarded this activity with the Silver Medal “for development of the Slovak Medical Association”.

We were especially excited with the presentation of four young pneumologists from the University Hospital in Bratislava about creating the first center for treatment of tobacco dependence in Slovakia located at this pneumologic clinic.


The future first Centre for Tobacco Dependence in Slovakia: (L-R) three enthusiastic physicians, Eva Kralikova, Prof. Urban (head of the Clinic of Pneumology, Bratislava), Alexandra Kmetova and Kamila Zvolska