Global Bridges in Bolivia: Vice-Minister of Health requests smoking cessation national guidelines

La Paz, Bolivia
September 25, 2013


After two days of training in tobacco dependence treatment at the First National Training Session in the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence for Health Care Providers, it was concluded that the next step would be the development of National Smoking Cessation Guidelines; this information was released by the Vice-Minister of Health, Dr. Martin Maturana.

Dr. Maturana stated that tobacco is a complex structural and public health problem not only in Latin America as a whole but also in Bolivia; therefore, joint efforts have been made both in legislation and in the implementation of a number of strategies in order to reduce the smoking habit. “Within 90 days you should develop a standard or guidance on the care of tobacco dependency for implementation throughout our health system and from that begin to raise public awareness, but also to train more than 28,000 health workers in the public system” said the authority.

Dr. Maturana acknowledged Global Bridges, FIC and FCA for their support and invited them to foster the process of guideline development as well as health care provider training.