Global Bridges actions go beyond our primary goals

Buenos Aires, Argentina –

14Aug2013-blog107-photo1 In the 8th Argentinean Congress of Tobacco or Health & 4th Argentinean- Uruguayan Meeting held in August 8th to 10th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America Global Bridges was one of the participant organizations.  For the third time Global Bridges and IAHF run a Smoking Cessation training session for nurses and other health care providers, the faculty participated actively in different sessions and presented a poster that summarized the improvement of declared knowledge among 500 health care providers trained along Latin America by Global Bridges.

All these activities scarcely reflected the impact on SC and outcomes in Latin America as a consequence of the intense network interaction since Global Bridges´ launch in 2011. The need to look for funding to support actions for the following years therefore is very timely to evidence GB achievements beyond the initially declared goals. With this in mind, we focused to review the additional and remarkable actions of our network members around this meeting.


Raquel Monteghirfoon on behalf of her team presented a poster showing Hospital Maciel’s inpatient Smoking Cessation program implementation experience after GB training and networking with our partners in Ottawa and Madrid programs as we had described previously in the blog. They were recognized for their work with a distinction for being the first public hospital in Latin America to implement a mandatory register smoking condition and offer help to every patient.

14Aug2013-blog107-photo3Maria de las Mercedes Alba and colleagues from the Norpatagonic Association of Nephrology,  after been trained in 2011 they developed a Smoking Cessation strategy for patients under hemodialysis based on motivational video to be shown during sessions, attending nurses brief advice and intensive intervention on demand. In 2012 Maria de las Mercedes received a LAGB scholarship to attend to the 3rd LatinAmerican Tobacco or Health meeting held in Lima, Peru and later she leaded a distance learning module on Tobacco and Kidney diseases for the CME program of Argentinean Association of Nephrology that credit for specialty in Argentina. They had two poster presentations showing the data of a cross sectional study of 636 patients under hemodialysis in the Patagonia.  Ever smoker prevalence among the sample was 57.8% and as much as 14.6 % of where active smokers declared and confirmed by CO measurement. This presentation was also awarded for opening a window of opportunity in an area of assistance that had been seldom considered.


Two GB members who were “harvested”during 6th Argentinean Congress of Tobacco or Health held in 2011, Adriana Viera MD and Silvia Radatti MD, presented a poster showing the first year experience of Estar Bien Program. They both are in the board of Prevention Programs of OPSA (health care system for health care workers from Argentina).  GB supported networking with Daniel Buljubasich and his team to develop a training program in their organization along 2012. They developed a stepwise approach that include a proactive Quit line, referral for intensive intervention, follow up and a novel approach to reimbursement for meds. Prescription is agreed by patient and attending physician and if prescription cost overdo US 100 per month. reimbursement is 100%.


Last but never least; Carlos Jimenez Ruiz worked voluntarily teaching SC to health care providers and attending patients in Centro Comunitario Jesús María of Tres Isletas, a small town in Chaco Province in Argentina. On the occasion of his trip to Argentina to teach in the 2013 Global Bridges- IAHF SC training session held during 8th Argentinean Congress of Tobacco or Health, Carlos himself financed and worked along his visit in this active catholic community center run by nuns and volunteers from Argentina, Spain, México, Italy, France, England and  Ireland. This center is focused in health, education, feeding, social care and work to the most vulnerable population of the 25,000 inhabitants.  Carlos´ son volunteered in the same place in 2012 and his experience driven his father to spend a week for anonymous community work in his area of expertise.

We are thankful and proud for having Raquel, Maria de las Mercedes, Adriana, Silvia, Daniel and their teams and Carlos as members and committed partners of Global Bridges in Latin America.  Definitely, Global Bridges scope goes beyond the declared primary objectives and there is a need of a comprehensive workout to size it in the real magnitude.