WNTD 2012: Health Fair in Jordan

Amman, Jordan – Every year, World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is celebrated around the world on May 31 as a reminder that all tobacco use is deadly.

The theme for 2012 focused on the need to expose and counter the tobacco industry’s brazen and increasingly aggressive attempts to undermine tobacco control efforts and the serious danger such activities pose to public health.

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center (KHCF and KHCC) remain committed to taking part in this celebration. This year, KHCF and the Cancer Control Office (CCO) at KHCC celebrated WNTD by holding a full day health fair at Amman’s City Hall to raise community awareness about the hazards of smoking and ways to quit.


The health fair showed the harms of tobacco use and secondhand smoke (SHS) through interactive anti-tobacco models and giving smokers educational materials to help them quit.

Carbon monoxide (CO) measurement was also done to show smokers the direct effect smoking has on their bodies to motivate them to quit.

An awareness session was held at Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) to stress the commitment of MoICT to the well-being of its employees and the community at large.

Since its inception, MoICT has been 100 percent smoke free to create an environment that promotes employees’ health and productivity.

KHCF and KHCC used social media via its Facebook page to post an eight-question interactive quiz in Arabic to test people’s knowledge about tobacco use, its links to cancer, and the negative effects of second hand smoke.

More work to be done

The WNTD event is part of ongoing work done by KHCF and KHCC on World Cancer Day (WCD) in Feb 2012, when the “Your Life, Your Choices…Choose Your Health” campaign was first launched.

The campaign’s purpose is to press governments and individuals to take action against the cancer epidemic, raise awareness about the disease and find ways to prevent its incidence.

KHCF and KHCC are working now with a popular local radio station to broadcast a weekly show for four months.

The show, hosted by physicians from KHCC, discusses a different cancer control topics including such as prevention through tobacco control, the need for healthy lifestyles, early detection, cancer treatment, and palliative care.

The radio program hopes to engage the public in the fight against cancer.

In the most recent show on 29 May, and in coordination with the national WNTD celebrations, Dr. Feras Hawari, director CCO and regional director for Global Bridges in EMR discussed the harms of tobacco, dispelled myths about the E-cigarette, and shared the alarming statistics regarding cancer and tobacco use.

Dr. Hawari ended the show by calling for stronger tobacco control efforts in Jordan and gave excellent advice to smokers: it is never too late to quit.